I am curled up on the couch at my friend Becky’s ancient saltwater farm, surrounded by four of the women I love most in the world. With their experience and encouragement, I have finally mustered the courage (and have the uninterrupted time) to launch this blog that I’ve been mulling for the last year.

Though I spend most of my time mothering and housekeeping, within those days are moments of creation, of grace, of beauty. And yet, so often those moments are lost in the flurry of stinky diapers, bill paying, dish washing, appointments, and so on. For years I scorned blogging as self-indulgent, which this may yet prove to be. But recently, as I’ve looked at my days and weeks, I’ve become convinced that I need to be recording those “happy corners” in my life. That’s what I’ll attempt to do here.