This year’s seed order seems immensely important.

I’ve grown gardens in years past, some fantastically lush and productive.

This year, however, marks the realization of a dream. For so many years we’ve been dreaming of our forever home, the place where our children would grow up and where we would grow old. A house with room for all of us, and guests as well, with places to spread out projects, to play, to keep things away from tiny fingers, to dream. Andrew has owned our farm–nearly 200 acres–for over a decade now. When we began planning our life together, we knew from the start that we would live there, that we would someday build a new farmhouse for our family. This year, finally, that home will take shape in posts and beams. We are so very excited.

We have had a house all these years, a place that we have called home and that has held us well. This house stands about seven miles from our farm, and we have done our best to work the land despite that distance, driving back and forth to weed, water, bale hay, and spread compost. And as our lives have changed, this has become less practical and less workable. In fact, since Emerson was born two years ago, I haven’t even attempted a garden, knowing that it would likely become a lost cause. Our hay production has fallen off every year too, as Andrew tries to juggle a full-time day job, family life, and those seven miles.

But the four of us have now far beyond outgrown our tiny little two bedroom cottage. Last fall we began construction of our new garage, which will eventually house the tractor and our cars, but this winter is sheltering the giant beams that our craftsman is notching and cutting, preparing for the day that we raise our new timberframe farmhouse.

When the ground thaws this spring, we will break ground for our foundation. It’s time to move to the next phase of our lives. To home large enough and well-planned to grow in. On the land we love, and better able to care for it.

Hence the urgency and import of the seed orders. We’re building a life here.