Bedtime came far too late last night. There were supper and dishes and laundry, then a phone call, showers, bed for the littles, more laundry, house construction conversation–and before I knew it 11 o’clock had arrived and I’d forgotten to bake my rising loaf of bread. Bread that we needed for breakfast and school lunches.  I finally fell into bed, the smell of bread still in the air, and slipped into an unmoving, dreamless sleep.

Until the alarm went off at 5:30.

And the morning rush began. Breakfasts made and eaten, lunches packed, teeth brushed, snow gear donned. I sent Andrew and Silas off to the bus and the office, and began thinking about all that lay ahead today. Papers to grade, sewing projects to squeeze in, shop inventory to photograph, catalog, and post, shipping quotes to prepare, floors to sweep…. Overwhelm.

The phone rang, and our neighbor told me to look out the front window. Where I saw this guy:


Yes, that’s a Canada Lynx, and he was huge, and beautiful. Majestic. He ambled right along the shoreline (or what would be the shoreline, if we weren’t still socked in with ice and snow), not 25 feet from my living room window. Everything slowed down, and Emerson and I stood in the window, watching him out of sight.

Nothing on today’s “To Do” list is as important as this.

Thanks to Chris Lyng for photos.