So it’s been a while, I know. I apologize, because I missed this space, and I missed you. I kind of had to take a break for a while. You see, my camera broke. Calamity.

I’ve never had a great camera. No SLR here, however much I may lust over them. It just has never been in the budget. But even with my little digital point-and-shoots, I’ve managed to take some pretty darn good pictures over the years. You might say that I’ve come to rely on those pictures. But one day this spring I took some pictures, turned off my camera, and that was that. We charged the battery, changed the battery, cursed, cried, and finally accepted that it had mysteriously met its maker.

When this happened once before, several years ago, it was an inconvenience, but not terribly. And then, magically, my brother-in-law gifted us a new camera. And all continued as before. But this time, my camera had become more than a fun toy. I needed it to preserve my happy corners here. And to keep inventory coming into the shop.

And so I began saving every cent I earned in that Etsy shop. And it trickled in, little by little, and slowly it added up. Until one day last week, when I finally had enough to order the camera that I wanted.

It’s still not an SLR. But it’s oh-so-much more than I’ve ever had before, and I think it will help me develop my skills as I continue saving for that someday SLR. And I earned it all on my own, and that feels pretty darned good too.

It’s on the UPS truck now, and supposed to be delivered by 7 p.m., or shortly thereafter. And I can’t wait.  Scratch that. It’s here! I need to go explore every function of it now.  I’ll be back very soon, with more!