What a summer this has been! We’ve had precious little weather warm enough to call “summery”.  And when those beautiful “bluebird sky” days (as my mother-in-law calls them) come, they seem to come mid-week.

For a full-time mom with little ones to entertain, that works out just fine. We’ve made the most of those few lovely days, with time in the lake,

in the flower beds,

homemade ice pops, and plenty of walks and jogs.

Unfortunately, this weather pattern seems determined to bring doom and gloom each weekend. My poor husband, who would rather spend all day out-of-doors than anything else, works indoors five days a week. These last few months, the weather has been less-than-cooperative the other two days. And, wow! do we have things that we need to do outdoors!

200 acres to mow. Permanent raised beds to build and begin preparing. Rhubarb, irises, daylilies, raspberries, peonies, asparagus, roses, lilacs, horseradish,  lilies-of- the-valley, and blueberries to transplant. A foundation around which to excavate and install better drainage. A firepit to build. Trees to prune. Trails to clear. Lingonberries to cultivate. Firewood to split and stack.

And some things we want to do as well. Tent out with the boys for the first time. Cut flowers to fill our home. Take some paddleboat rides.

But the rain. Oh, the rain.

So we decided that we’d try to beat it and join it. We’ve played board games.

We’ve watched DVDs of Masterpiece Theater programs. We’ve worked on home financing paperwork and finalized timberframe plans.

This past weekend, between downpours, we loaded up the boys, the stroller, and the camera, and took a day trip a few miles down the road to Maple Meadow Farm Festival, where we listened to live bluegrass, browsed local handmade and antique/vintage vendors, test “drove” some tractors, tasted Native American frybread,

and watched draft horse team demonstrations. When the rain began in earnest, we sprinted to the car and all changed clothes. Then headed home to a fire in the woodstove and a hot supper, followed by an evening of home planning, sewing, knitting, and PBS DVDs.

Ahhhh, bliss.

PS–Thank you to everyone who asked, empathized, and sent prayers and good thoughts for Nana. She is home from the hospital now, and though she continues to undergo tests and meet with specialists, we are hopeful and optimistic.