Though it has been quiet here lately, it has been anything but quiet here.  We’ve all fallen thrall to the madness of summer and its crazy whirlwind ride. These days (though far too often rainy) have been relaxing, but, my goodness, they’ve also been busy! In the midst of all the things we need to do, we have found time for a few things we want to do.









We’ve been enjoying the window box nasturtiums (that have finally bloomed). Taking long walks. Loving the sunsets after the (frequent) storms. And cleaning up windfalls that will help keep us warm this winter. Over the holiday weekend, we watched our dear friend Whitney marry her love Darick.


Eight long years ago, Whitney showed up in the English Composition class I taught at the local community college. Like many first year students, she was quiet and uncertain. She was also only 16 years old. Whitney earned the highest grade of any student in any of my classes that semester. Even then, she was curious, diligent, determined, and brilliant. I consider myself beyond lucky to have developed a friendship with Whitney and her father Warren, who accompanied her that semester. Since then, we have grown to love the entire family, and count them among our dearest friends and most treasured sounding boards.


We watched Whit head off to college at Bowdoin, where she excelled. We applauded when she spent time teaching English in China. We thrilled to hear that she had found someone wonderful–even as we worried and hoped that he was worthy. And nothing could have kept us (excepting the smallest of us, who had more fun at Nonna and Nonno’s farm) from celebrating their special day.


Between the wedding and the reception, we stopped at a nearby park because some of us (ahem!) needed to burn off a little excess energy.








My boys clean up pretty nice, don’t they? Silas broke out his fancy “special occasion” pinstriped suit and bowtie for the big event. And, as always, the ladies loved him.



This little girl tried so hard to get him to dance with her, but he held out. He danced only one dance, with the prettiest girl in the room.



When she kissed him on the cheek, he wiped it off.