Ice MistIce fieldCloud breakRolling snowSnowman

Favorite shirt

hats all aroundPresently, we are:

~ savoring the wide sweeping vistas and extreme seasons of this far Northern clime.

~ still dreaming of and planning the forever home that will stand beside our new garage/barn.

~ loving every minute that’s warm enough to play outside (with the weather oscillating wildly between the 30s and the -10s, it’s hit or miss).

~ making use of rare “wet” snow to build snowpeople–with our new Mama-made Snowman kits (more on these later).

~ delighting in and also riding out what feel like the last “little-little” days of this little boy, whose favorite shirt is “the shirt you made me, Mumma.”

~ trying to carve out time to play with this pile of lovely flannels (and yes, the red birds again–more on that later also), destined to become jammies (and one sweet tunic-blouse) for people I love.

~ warming up with a slew of newly cast-on hats (am I the only one who starts hats for all as soon as the weather turns?) for family and (other snuggly knits for) as-yet-unmet babies-to be.