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The thermometer hasn’t registered above zero all day, and we’ve been cooped up in the house together. Even the dog prefers to snuggle in a chair near the fire–his short constitutionals send him hurrying back in, limping on cold cold feet. We’re all anxious for a return outdoors, for jogging, playing, walking, sliding, and snow-fort building.

To be honest, some of us are just anxious for temperatures that don’t make our eyes water and noses burn as soon as we step outside.

This day is passing, and we’re in for another bright, cold, blowing day tomorrow. I’m taking stock of what we have to carry us through.

paperwhiteslegosveggiesfire~ Paperwhites

~ Lego marathons

~Clean kitchen counters and fresh veggie plans for supper

~Always, ever-present, wood fires

I think we’ll weather it.

Stay warm!