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stretching their legscrawling the lineThe old adage says that “Good things come to those who wait,” and I don’t always agree. Those who work, yes. Those who strive, yes. It isn’t always the waiting. But sometimes, the stars align and the best things come to those who wait, in all possible ways. We took a little trip this past weekend. When did we last take a mini-vacation with our children, staying in a hotel, dining out, dressing up? Well, never, that’s when. Our getaways have nearly always been brief, frugal, and include sleeping at the homes of friends and relatives. But this time? We did it up right.

We took four days, and just had fun. We tried new foods, and the boys bounced on “fancy” (budget) hotel beds. We laughed ourselves silly, hummed in the car, stretched our legs in empty parking lots, and bought much-needed new shoes for Mama and boys. And on Saturday, a bright, blustery, sunny spring day, we donned our finest for our lovely friend Rachel‘s wedding.uu texts

in the pew waitingnew kicksRadiant Rachel waited a long time to find her one true love. But what a sweet reward–Jubal is her best friend, makes her laugh, supports her work and her dreams, and puts a shine in her eyes that makes me glad all over. They pledged their love in a beautiful, personal, intentional ceremony in the loveliest old church, as soft light streamed through the old fan windows and everyone old enough to understand brushed away joyful tears.

the glorious lightdaffodil bouquetsradiantfirst parish chandelierThe next morning, another good, good thing after a long cold wait–snowdrops blooming beside my mother-in-law’s old farmhouse. Spring is here.