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In this house, we like to tease our Mama about certain things. Piles of fabric and vintage linens. How much she reads. Unfinished projects. Setting the smoke detectors off while cooking. Ideas guaranteed to make Daddy cringe. Her dirty car. Giddiness about checking the mailbox.

Yes, you read the last correctly, and I’ll own it. I am positively overjoyed each time I walk up the driveway to check the mailbox.

mailSo what if it’s most often bills, or worse, junk mail and circulars? It’s the thrill of expectation that matters. Anything could be waiting in that box when I open the door. Anything.

It’s like Christmas every day.

And sometimes, I’m rewarded for my vigilance and anticipation. Sometimes, there’s something amazing there, waiting just for me.

Like the day a few weeks ago when my birthday package arrived from my best friend Meg. Not only was it sealed with bacon duct tape (bacon duct tape?!?!?! wonder of wonders!), but it held all these lovely goodies. bacon!loot(Note: I’ve read Year of Wonders now and was completely rapt. Read that book. I’m also about 7/8 through Geek Love, and though it’s disturbing and I doubted I’d enjoy or stick with it, I can’t get enough. Read that one too.)

spout-top jars, made by Meg!earrings

Or this morning, when I found this sweet and funny postcard from Rachel and Jubal, honeymooning in Ireland. postcards from ireland

<sigh> If only every day was this pleasant!