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We are so lucky, that our nearest, dearest friends, are also terribly near. My dearest friend Sigrid lives a few (very, very, very, for this locale) short miles down the road, and her boys, Ulli and Tait, are my boys’ best buds. It seems built-in–how could we not be close with these nearest neighbors of similar taste and value? But we all know that affinity is not necessarily dictated by proximity and similar tastes.

Luckily, in this case, affinity transcended proximity. And there are so very many shared values and tastes. Sig and her partner Kurt are really *doing* the farming thing that we hope to be doing soon-ish. And I’ve learned by proxy that it’s one hell of a lot of hard work. But oh-so rewarding. Sig and Kurt, as Misfit Farms, make some enormous awesome eggs, some tasty grassfed beef, delicious milk, and the best honey I’ve ever eaten. Not to mention their plums, blueberries, veggies, and apples…..into the barn

Earlier this week, we spent an afternoon with these friends, in part because they’d been out of town for ten days (!!!) and in part because we do so at least once a week anyway, and in part because they had a brandy-brandy new baby calf to gawk at.jayjay

Who can resist a brand new calf? Not us, certainly. This is JayJay, and he’s who we came to see, ostensibly. But as you can tell, we enjoyed the better part of a day on the farm. Between climbing trees, visiting critters, stringing fencing, and watching everyone enjoy the spring, we were happy to share the joy (and the camera work, if nothing else).

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fencefarm shed people in the trees path to the fields

DSCF5137 nosey goats spring fields apple trees coming free glee content last year's calves Farm days are some of the best.