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corn shuckersyard salenew cabinetbalance bikingvintage camp porchwater boyslate lupinessomber skyvintage sheet jammiesa full quartsmoky sunsetslicing strawberriesround stackthrifting bountyOh, the happenings around here, these summer days! There’s too much to do, too much that needs to be done, no time to record it all. Here’s what’s been happening here lately:

~corn shucking (and eating!)

~holiday cookouts with family

~yard saling

~boat rides with friends

~furniture rehab and shop updates

~lemonade stands

~balance biking

~skinny dipping

~yearning for our own vegetable garden (again!)

~peeking into porches of empty camps

~small boys carrying in sticks and big dog mulching them about the house

~pampering the flower beds (in lieu of veggies)

~lake watching

~time with (and on) horses

~big boy swimming his first few strokes on his own

~missing friends far away


~last of the lupines

~laundry (oh, so much laundry!)

~dramatic skies

~ice cream

~catching fireflies

~a little fun sewing for people we love

~shipping packages near and far

~kitchen remodeling

~sparklers and fire crackers

~sunburns (oops!)

~strawberry picking

~smoke from distant fires

~sweltering record heat days

~homemade popsicles

~putting food by

~wood stacking

~first succulent dish gardens

~peanut butter and (homemade) jelly


~late suppers

~hammock swinging

~water balloon fights

~swim lessons with Nonna


~birthday pie baking (and delivery)


~farm milk

~soaking up every minute

What’s happening in your world?