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Recently, in reading Donna’s blog Knit1Spin2 (more about this later!), I came across the idea of “10 on Tuesday” posts, and I signed up with Carole at CaroleKnits to play along. I hope you enjoy this first “10 on Tuesday,” in which Carole challenged us to write ten sentences that begin with the words, “I feel….”

coffee and monkeys at sig's table♦ I feel recharged after coffee, conversation, and some handwork with my dearest friend Sigrid this morning, on a rare childfree occasion.

♦ I feel hopeful that assisted living will be a positive move for my Nana, though also bittersweet about the changes in her (and our) life.

♦ I feel excited about the job application I submitted to the local thrift shop earlier.

♦ I feel relieved and apprehensive about leftovers for supper–less work, more kid-griping.

moving day♦ I feel the first stirrings of spring fever beginning inside, due to the 40-degree temperatures we experienced this past weekend.

♦ I feel determined to finish that darned Windrow Cowl (frogged yet again)!

♦ I feel so in love with these sweet, geeky boys of mine and their “Yoda Best Valentine” cards (complete with glowstick light sabers….. don’t miss the light sabers!).

yoda best♦ I feel thankful to have spent some good time in front of the sewing machine this week.

♦ I feel scattered and unorganized.

♦ I feel giddy when I think about rewatching the first season of Felicity (you can judge me, it’s OK) on the elliptical over the next week or so.