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The small boy, who celebrated his 5th birthday on Sunday, has inherited his big brother’s cold and nasty cough. He has put his own stamp on it though, by segueing the cough into gagging, retching, and sometimes up-chucking. That’s how we began our day.

Obviously, I kept him home from school, because even though it’s “just” a cold, and he could go to school, it’s just not fair to send him off in that condition. We ran some errands, had a lunch date at a Chinese restaurant–one with a perpetual fountain and wishing well, “fancy” lanterns, and lots of “fancy” decorations (his words), and then came home for a bit of R&R. At some point, I looked at the thermometer and realized that it was 45°F out there (I know I’m heavy on the italics today…. call me Emily of New Moon). As it has been a loooonnnnggg, COLD, snowy winter, and as we all need exercise, and as hubby and I sincerely believe that most anything can be cured or improved with sunlight, fresh air, and/or exercise (think about it: it’s true), we suited up and headed out.best road time buddymy little palready to gogood friends

It wasn’t long, it wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t far, but it was the best part of my day.