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Yesterday the temperatures here reached 50° F, the mud in my driveway reached a depth of about 5 inches, and clearly, spring had sprung.

Except it hadn’t. Because today brought this:



We made a quick trip out for violin lessons this morning, but returned home as quickly as we could, deeming this “a good day to stay home.” We’ve made use of the time to read, practice instruments, skype with Grandma, shovel the steps, and recite speaking competition poems.

In fits and spurts I’ve accomplished a few projects as well. Using this recipe, I made soft pretzels for the first time in years. They were delicious, and disappeared faster than you could say “pretzel.”



I also stitched up a number shirt for my baby, who has now turned SIX (!) and insists that he is not my baby anymore. Little does he know…..


I finally got to work on the stuffed owl a friend ordered for a new baby gift. I’ve been planning this one for over a month now, and I’m excited about the color combination, but I need a fabric for the beak, and I don’t want to start stitching until I have it. This is my first owl, and I’ve found the process of creating the pattern both invigorating and frustrating. I used a mix of new and vintage fabrics, and a few different textures, imagining someone’s sweet baby girl exploring the different sensations of flannel, vintage sheet, and quilting cotton.



What’s the weather like where you are this weekend?